Section 23-3  Back Types (Page 2)

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Back Types for Metal Buttons

A-Type   (1) (2)
Half round bent wire brazed to flat one piece buttons of cast or hand wrought metal

Alpha shank  (1) (2)
95 NBB says Alpha is name for "A-Type shank. Blue Book says wire eye attached by soldering or welding

Metal Bird Cage  (5)
French Uniform

Metal Bird Cage  (5)
Paris back mark

Brazed  (7)
Shell background-movable-gilded

Cast or Integral  (10) (27)
"lost wax method" cast - 17th Century

Cast or Integral    (10) (27)
2-piece mold method - 17th Century

Cast   (10)

Cat gut  (12) or (47)
18th Century Repoussè  Called string-back if string/cord is used

Cone   (15)
Self Shank  -  Lithograph

Cone   (15)

Cone (15)
Design under glass

Cone   (15)
 French Tight

Double (17)
Split-like design

Double  (17)

Glove shank  (23)
Shank bar under back plate

Hollow  (24)
Brass - Back mark

Loop  (29) (7)
Brazed loop

Loop  (29) (2) (57)
Also called Alpha or Wire

Loop  (29)
Paris back mark  

Loop   (29) (19)
Elongated - also called Eye Shank

Loop   (29)
Center shank buckle 

Loop  (29)
Hard white pewter-like cone

Loop  (29) (57)
Screenback or wire shank

Omega   (31)

Omega  (31)
Expanded Omega

Pad back   (32)
Glass in Metal

Rivet  (40)

Rivet  (40)
Also called Donut Rivet Shank Button

Rivet  (40)

Example not yet found

Parallel Wire Shanks  (33)

Blue book refers to "parallel wire shanks" in 24-8 (Repoussè metal assorted).

May be same as cat-gut but with wire 

Self    (42)
Wedge Shape

Sew-through (43)

Slip  (44)
Shank designed to be loose

Split (Circumflex)   (45)
Also called cut-out 

Split (Circumflex)  (45)
Also called cut-out 

Thread back  (51)

Thread back  (51)

Tombac  (52)

Tombac  (52)
Partial section for profile view

Wedge  (55) (10)
Cast Bronze-drilled hole-18th Century

Wobble   (59)
Overall button

Wobble   (59)
Overall button