Section 7 - Clear & Colored Glass   (Page 1)

The purpose of this section is to provide examples of clear and colored glass buttons as defined in the NBS Classification Guide1 (Blue Book) including one or more examples of each type in the listings and an example that covers each term in the definitions. Passing your mouse over the button image will turn the button over so both sides may be seen. In some cases, more than one example of a type is shown. One reason for duplication is to demonstrate that one glass button frequently fits into multiple class/subclass categories. No attempt is made to show all combinations of basic colors and other characteristics (DF, OME, Construction, etc.) since there are thousands of such combinations. A separate color primer page is included to help the novice better understand basic colors for competition. The "Color Primer" page link above will take you there. A link to a printable primer worksheet is at the bottom of this page.  Scanning and photographing buttons have distinct limitations in the areas of perspective, color, details, and dimensions. Thus, many buttons do not reveal their true character and appearance in the photos or scans. When uncertainty exists, ask a fellow club member or a dealer to show you an actual example of the button in question. Printable worksheets for clear and colored glass and a color primer can be accessed with the links at the bottom of this page.
Hover your mouse over the button images below to see the back of the button

7-1 Back Types - Click button at right to see a comprehensive Table of back types.    

7-1 Antiquarian

7-1 Applied (Glass shank)

7-1 Thread back

7-1 Screenback

7-1 Claw

7-1 Cone

7-1 Hump (Victorian Glass)

7-1 Key

7-1 Loop

7-1 Pigtail (Swirlback)

7-1 Pin

7-1 Plate and Loop

7-1 Self - Tunnel

7-1 Wire

7-1.1 Four-way Metal (Box)

7-1.1 Four-way Metal (Box)
Thread groove

7-1.2 Rosette

7-1.3 Sew-through (2-hole)

7-1.3 Sew-through (4-hole)

7-1.4 Swirlback

7-2 Clear Colorless  (Body of button is clear/transparent and colorless)

7-2 Clear Colorless (CC) - Shiny

7-2 CC - Matte (Paint DF)

7-2 CC - Matte (Paint DF)

7-2 CC - Matte/Shiny Combo

7-2 CC - Glass with Glass

7-2 CC - Metallic back

7-2 CC - Overlay

7-2 CC - Silver Luster

7-2 CC - Metal back - (Kaleidoscope)

7-2 CC - Metal back

7-2 CC - Precision inlay & Purple overlay

7-2 CC - Radiant

7-2 CC - Metallic luster

7-2 CC - Paint DF

7-2 CC - Paint DF

7-2 CC - Two piece - Paint DF

7-3 Colors Assorted  -  Classed according to base color including goldstone  

To assist the novice collector in understanding the Blue Book treatment of "colors assorted", a simple primer has been prepared that demonstrates the nine basic colors for competition including the concept of shades and tints. Click on the button above to access the primer and a simple printable worksheet to assist the novice in learning more about colors, shades, and tints.

7-3 Colors - Shiny

7-3 Colors - Matte

7-3 Colors - Matte/Shiny Combo

7-3.1 Opaque - Goldstone

7-3.1 Opaque

7-3.1 Opaque - Paint

7-3.1 Opaque -Gold Luster

7-3.1 Opaque - Gold Luster

7-3.1 Opaque - Red Metallic Luster
Back mark "BGE Orig."

7-3.1 Opaque - Silver Luster

7-3.1 Translucent
Imitation Tortoise Shell

7-3.1 Translucent  (Overlay)

7-3.1 Translucent - Silver luster

7-3.2 Transparent - Acid etched

7-3.2 Transparent

7-3.2 Transparent - Acid etched/frosted
Thanks to Lou Yeargain, Barbara Barrans, Becky Lyon, Phyllis Paule, June Chapman, Joni Goldbarg, and Yessy Byl who assisted in the development of this educational resource. They provided reviews, comments or other support including images or buttons for the examples shown. Potential labeling issues or suggested improvements should be directed to the Button Country team at Contact Us.

(1) National Button Society Blue Book - Official NBS Classification and Competition Guidelines
(2) Clear and Colored Glass Buttons, Jane Ford Adams, Third Revision by Jean Longo - National Button Society, 2002
(3) Hughes, Elizabeth and Marion Lester.  The Big Book of Buttons. St Johann Press - 2010