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The purpose of this page is to provide visual examples for celluloid buttons as defined in Section 1 in the NBS Classification Guide1 (Blue Book).  The examples are grouped and labeled in accordance with the Blue Book Section 1 outline. Passing your mouse over the button image will turn the button over so the back may be seen. In some cases, more than one example of a type is shown. Finally, scanning or photographing buttons has distinct limitations in the areas of perspective, color, details, and dimensions. Thus, many buttons do not reveal their true character and appearance in the photos or scans. When uncertainty exists, ask a fellow collector, club member or a dealer to show you an actual example of the button in question. Use the dropdown menu above to visit other section pages. A Section 1 celluloid buttons worksheet has been provided and can be downloaded or printed by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.
Hover your mouse over any of the buttons below to see the back of the button.
 Gold Luster
1-1 Decorative Finish
Gold Luster
1-1 Decorative Finish
 pine cone
1-1 Decorative Finish
1-1 Decorative Finish
Paint - 4 Color
1-1 Decorative Finish
1-2 OME-Shell
Wood Inlay
1-2 OME-Wood Inlay
OME White Glass
1-2 OME-White Glass

1-2.1 OME-Glass

1-2.1 OME-Pastes/Rhinestones
1-2.1 OME-Rhinestones

1-2.2 OME-Brass & Steel
1-3 Pressed
1-3.1 Ivoroid
1-3.1 Ivoroid (framed in celluloid)

1-3.1 Ivoroid
1-3.2 One Piece Thirties

1-4.1 Background - Ivoroid
1-4.1 Background - One Color
1-4.1 Background - Two Color
Bubble Padback
1-4.2 Bubble Top - Padback
bubble Shape
1-4.2 Bubble Top - Shape
Bubble Fabric
1-4.2 Bubble Top
Back mark - "Patent Pending"
Bubble Oval
1-4.2 Bubble Top - Glow
Face Center Drum
1-4.3 Face Center - Drum
Face Center 2
1-4.3 Face Center
1-4.4 Perforate
Shield Birds
1-4.5 Shield
Shield Cat
1-4.5 Shield 
Tight Top 2
1-4.6 Tight Top
TT Oriental
1-4.6 Tight Top - Stencil

1-5  Specific Form - Strands
Specific Form-Spider
1-5 Specific Form - Openwork/Lace
See note 1

1-5 Specific Form - Molded
1-5 Specific Form - Extruded
1-5 Specific Form - Realistic
 Weeber Basket

1-5 Specific Form
Weeber Type

Extruded 2

1-5 Specific Form - Extruded
Wafer Buildup
1-6 Wafer- hors d'oeuvres
hor d'oeuvres
1-6 Wafer - hors d'oeuvres
Wafer Pierced
1-6 Wafer - Pierced
Wafer - Diaper
1-6 Wafer - Convex

1-6.1 Wafer - Two Layers
 Wager 2 layers
1-6.1 Wafer - Three Layers
1-7 Unlisted Ivorine  
1.7 Unlisted - Ivorine
 Coated and Cut
1.7 Unlisted - Coated and Cut
1.7 Unlisted - Cookie


Thanks to Lou Yeargain and Barbara Barrans for assisting in the development of this section and for the use of images from their collections for many of the above examples.  Comments or suggested corrections should be directed to the Button Country team at Contact Us.

(1) National Button Society Blue Book - Official NBS Classification and Competition Guidelines
(2) Hughes, Elizabeth and Marion Lester.  The Big Book of Buttons. St Johann Press - 2010
(3) Monica Walker. It's all about Celluloid Buttons - 2005

Note 1 - For this application only, the openwork feature does not go all the way through the button as defined in the Blue Book appendix.