DIV IV - Studs Mounting Technique

Almost all button collections include studs. However, they do not enjoy the same intensity of interest, especially in competition, as buttons. The reason most often given for this lower attention is the difficulty in mounting the studs on the cards normally used for buttons. In addition, installing and removing studs from a card sometimes damages the shank due to the forces required to push them through the common "X" cut on the card. The following demonstration provides an alternate method for mounting studs using modern elastic cord in a manner that allows safe and easy mounting of the studs to the card and does so in a way that allows direct viewing of the post, foot, operating mechanism and back mark without removing the stud from the card.
Laced Elastic Cord Method for Mounting Studs
Background and Tools
The material and tools for this technique include a mounting card, a small awl, and some type of elastic cord or line. Shown at right are two elastic cord products. One is Stretch Magic which is clear like fishing line, very strong, and least noticeable. The second is Jewelry Essentials Stringing that has a fabric feel and is somewhat easier to handle especially when sliding the foot of the stud between the elastic cord and the mounting card. Both products are found at hobby centers. The entire process is shown below in figures 1-3. This process is simple and holds the studs firmly to the card. However, since each stud takes up slack in the lacing, the elastic cord or line should be left very loose to accommodate the mounting process.
Preparing the Mounting Card
Views of Threaded Card

The photograph above shows the front of a test card with three studs mounted and a view of the elastic line (Stretch Magic) laced through the square array of holes in the card. Note that each stud installed removes slack in the elastic cord. Failure to leave sufficient slack will make the mounting of subsequent studs increasingly difficult.

The photograph above shows the back of a test card including the start and end point of the elastic cord
Installing the Studs

Sample Card of Rebus Studs Mounted with the Elastic Cord Method