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The National Button Society

The National Button Society (NBS) was founded in 1938. From that point, button collecting was recognized as an organized hobby.

With over 3000 members, the National Button Society emphasizes the preservation and study of clothing buttons. The Society's principal objectives include the promotion of educational research, exhibitions, the publishing and dissemination of information about buttons, and the preservation of buttons and their history for future generations.

Its membership spans four continents, with 39 of the 50 states represented by state and local button clubs. Some states have several button clubs in different state locations which means there is a very good chance that a new collector will be able to find other more experienced collectors within a reasonable travel distance. 

In addition, several states on the East and West coasts have networked to form regional associations that promote educational activities and annual show events.

Finally, there is a large on line button club called ButtonBytes where new and novice collectors can interface with experienced collectors who are always ready to answer questions.

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