Section 13 - Vegetable Ivory   (Page 1)

The purpose of this section is to provide examples of vegetable ivory buttons as defined in the NBS Classification Guide1 (Blue Book) including one or more examples of each type in the listings and an example that covers each term in the definitions. No attempt is made to illustrate the wide variety of possibilities in the class/subclass categories. Further detailed historical and technical information on Vegetable Ivory buttons may be found in Pat and Dave Fields book, From Nuts to Buttons which is cited in the references at the bottom of this page.  Scanning and photographing buttons have distinct limitations in the areas of perspective, color, details, and dimensions. Thus, many buttons do not reveal their true character and appearance in the photos or scans. When uncertainty exists, ask a fellow club member or a dealer to show you an actual example of the button in question. A worksheet for Vegetable Ivory buttons has been provided and can be printed or downloaded using the link at the bottom of this page.

Hover your mouse over the button images below to see the back of the button

13-1 Back Types/4 Way Self Shank  (1")

13-1 Back Types/Padback  (7/8")

13-1 Back Types/Padback  (1-1/8")

13-1 Back Types/Three Hole  (7/8")

13-1 Back Types/Turret Shank (1")

13-1 Back Types/Turret Shank
Carved  (7/8")

13-1 Back Types/Duel Shank
Sew-through & Self shank  (11/16")

13-1 Back Types/Threadback  (7/8")

13-1 Back Types/Pin Shank  (5/8")

13-1 Back Types/4 Hole Sew-through
Hidden thread feature   (1")

13-1 Back Types/Bar or Bridge Shank  (5/8")

13-1 Back Types/Whistle  (11/16")

13-2 Decorative Finish (DF)/Matte
Laser Cut  (3/4")

13-2 DF/Natural Bark
Verbal  (1")

13-2 DF/Natural Bark  (15/16")

13-2 DF/Natural Bark  (3/4")

13-2.1 DF/Red Dye   (1-1/8")

13-2.1 DF/Blue Dye   (1-1/8")

13-2.1 DF/Green Dye   (1-1/8")

13-2.2 DF/Pearlized   (7/8")

13-2.2 DF/Paint  (1-1/8")

13-2.2 DF/Dye/Paint  (1")

13-2.3 DF/Stencil  (7/8")

13-2.3 DF/Stencil  (5/8")

13-2.3 DF/Stencil  (1-1/4")

13-2.3 DF/Transfer  (1")

13-2.3 DF/Rubber Stamp
Studio button  (1-1/4x1")

13-2.3 DF/Stencil
1 Piece - Frame Effect  (5/8")

13-3.1 Mechanical make-up/Frame
Black Glass Center  (1/2")

13-3.1 Mechanical make-up/Frame
Lithograph Center   (11/16")

13-3.1 Mechanical make-up/Frame
Fabric Center  (5/8")

13-3.1 Mechanical make-up/Frame
Intaglio Glass Center  (1/2")

13-3.1 Mechanical make-up/Frame
MOP Center  (5/8")

13-3.1 Mechanical make-up/Frame
Porcelain Center   (15/16")

13-3.1 Mechanical make-up/Frame
Fabric & Lace Center  (5/8")

13-3.1 Mechanical make-up/Frame
Tintype Center  (1")
Thanks to the Peach State Button Club members for providing the majority of the buttons shown in the above images. Special thanks to Karen Farnsworth, Louella Yeargain, Barbara Barrans, and Pat Fields for collaborating in the update of this section including their contribution of several of the button images shown as examples.  Potential labeling issues and suggestions for improvement should be
directed to the Button Country team at Contact Us.

(1)  National Button Society Blue Book, Official NBS Classification and Competition Guidelines

(2)  From Nuts to Buttons by Pat and Dave Fields -